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For the past 56 years, young and old alike have been drawn to the classic lines of America's first affordable sports family car.  Mustangs were first introduced in April of 1964 and, immediately, it outsold every other car in America. Over 2 million Mustangs were sold in the first 2 years of production.  A LEGEND WAS BORN!

The Mustang Collection NO LONGER sells restored classics but does have project cars ready for restoration when we can find them. We no longer specialize in water leaks and engine detailing.

Our store  specializes in preserving the classic symbol of American ingenuity by providing you professional service and free advice.  Complete restorations are no longer available,  A complete line of new  1964-1973 and some used  parts for the do-it-yourself Mustang hobbyist. You can choose from our variety of parts.  

All over the world, the fascination with the "Classic Pony" continues to escalate with thousands of restored Mustangs still roaming the streets.  With the sixties nostalgia at its peak, these classic cars are in constant demand for movies, television shows, print adds and commercials.  The media attention along with the efforts of many stores, such as The Mustang Collection here in Miami Fla, continues to cultivate the Mustang Mania.

"We have a passion of the old Pony",  says Stan here at a Mustang Show with his wife Phyllis.  

You will find thousand of parts to choose from. We have the largest stock of used Mustang  1964 1/2 -1973 parts in South Florida.