The Magic of Restoration

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Mike working on the 67 coupe restoration

We take pride in every detail of the restoration process

Assessing the interior part of the restoration

Rear view of the project

Long hours with a lot of patience and TLC

Almost ready for  a good paint coat

Showing progress 

.....showing more progress

Ready for the next step

Stan's smile says it all!

Final product, looking good!


Cowl Repairs

A Shelby Clone with a real bad cowl leak arrives in our shop.

We take off all the parts necessary to do the job, the hood, the front fenders, the windshield, and the cowl is ready to remove.

First all the sealant and paint is stripped from the area of the spot welds

Here on the driver's side, we find damage to the area

Inside the cowl, the water dam is gone rotted away from years of exposure to salt air, trapped debris and rain.

Needless to say, this is where the water was coming into the car.

The passenger side was a little bit better, the water dam had been repaired with  a plastic repair piece that we invented years ago

But we replaced both sides with new metal anyway to insure that the job was done right

We even seal inside the cowl before the cover is reinstalled to prevent it from rusting again.

The cowl welded back into place and sealed with the same type sealer originally used by Ford. 

Note that everywhere the cowl joins the body has been sealed to prevent any leaks

The Finished project after going through a repaint as well

Print out the Restoration Tips Form that will help you with  your restoration needs!

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