Mustang Collection is currently doing 3 major restorations at this time. Below are some pictures of the restorations we are doing..

1966 Ford Mustang owner Henry Celeste.


This car came to Mustang Collection in dire need of Rust repair from end to end. This car had a Complete cowl replacement along with a firewall replacement. The pictures show the extent of the rust in the cowl area. After the cowl and firewall were complete the floors and inner frame rails were the next project to be completed. In the 29 years of doing restorations this was one of the worst .

After the new  floors and seat pans were Installed we moved on to the rear 1/4 panels and tail light panel. We discovered the sail  panels had been previously repaired . The last guy to do body work to this car used fiberglass resign to cover pieces of sponge and rags  and then coated them with 2-3 inches of bondo over the fiberglass. We were forced to replace the rear deck panel and the inside package tray because both corners were completely rusted away.

The drip rails were completely rusted through so we used the new replacement drip rails. These drip rails were only available for 1967 fastbacks so we had to cut and splice them  to do the installation.

This rebuilt motor is a Jasper Engine 289 which comes with a 3 year 100,000 mile warranty.The engine bay is painted and the final details are being installed .



1967 Ford Mustang owner Carlos Videa 


1968 Ford Mustang owner Jose Gaston